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    Thursday January 29, 2015 

    Geog 12: Took a Weather and Climate Test.  Discussed more on PPT of World climate graphs.

    Chem 11: Assigned Q 33-38 p137-138 due Tuesday, Feb 3.  Assigned a test for Thursday Feb 5.

    Chem 12: Discussed the concept of hydrolysis p144-147.  Assigned Q 69-73 p148.

    Science 9: Discussed answers to the Reproduction Pretest Reproduction Pretest .  Watch the video of our class discussion of this pretest to help prepare for your reproduction test   .


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    Wednesday January 28, 2015 

    Phy 11: Reviewed a few questions.  Assigned Q 10-17 p44-45

    Phy 12:  Took a test on Equilibrium

    Bible 10-12:  New term.  New Class.  Handed out the Text, Hollywood Worldviews.

    Reviewed a PPT , An Introduction to Worldviews in Film  Intro to Worldviews in Film.  Read and discussed the issues of violence, sex and profanity in the Bible and Movies.  Assigned to write a single page essay on How we as Christians should respond to violence, sex and profanity in movies – Should the Bible be X-rated due to some of its content?  Due Monday Feb 2.

    Foods 8: First day .  We completed a questionnaire.  We talked about the importance of eating locally and seasonally as much as possible.  We reviewed the duties of persons in our kitchen groups.  We did an inventory of the cooking tools found in each of our kitchen groups.

    Math 12: WE Discussed Lesson 5 of Unit 3.  Assigned the Questions of lesson 5 for Monday Feb 2.



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    Tuesday January 27, 2015 

    Geog 12: Reviewed the PPT on Climates.  Discussed the start of the PPT on Climates around the earth.  Assigned a test on Climates and Weather for Thursday Jan 29.

    Chem 11: Discussed the meaning of limiting reactant and reactant in excess.  Assigned Q28-32 on p133-134.

    Chem 12: Assigned to read p 141–143.  Assigned Q 58-67 p 143

    Sci 9: Assigned to complete the Reproduction Pretest for next class.    The Reproduction Unit test is assigned for Tuesday Feb 3 .

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    Monday January 26, 2015 

    Ski Day

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    Friday January 23, 2015 

    Phy 11: Reviewed the Motion Graphs Quiz.  Discussed various motion formulas and their derivations and uses.  Assigned to read p25-43.  Assigned Q 1-9 p43-44.

    Phy 12: Assigned Lesson 6 of Equilibrium Unit, Q 1-16 p256-260.  Assigned Test Next Wednesday on Equiibrium.

    Bible 10-12: Helped students to complete their movie reviews and their screenplays.

    Foods 9: Prepared Sloppy Joes

    Math 12: Discussed Lesson 4 of Unit 3 Exponentials and Logarithms.  Assigned all Questions of Lesson 4.


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    Thursday January 22, 2015 

    Geog 12: Took up Weather Map Questions Answers to Weather Map Questions and Text Questions on Weather Weather Questions p186 190 .  Reviewed Prov. Ex. Questions in PPT on Weather up to slide 60.

    Chem 11: Took Quiz on Reaction Stoichiometry.  Assigned to Read p 132-133 and do Q 26-27 p133.

    Chem 12: Took Quiz on Acids/Bases.  Assigned to read p 140-141 and do Q 55-57 p 141

    Sci 9: Discussed the PPT on Assisted Reproductive Technology 6.3a Assisted Reproductive Technologies Amplified .  Assigned the Review Worksheet 6.3 on Assisted Reproductive Technology  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 6.3 Reproductive Technologies .


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    Wednesday January 21, 2015 

    Phy 11: Wrote a Quiz on Motion Graphs.  Assigned Q 17-21 p21-22.

    Phy 12: Wrote a quiz on Static Equilibrium.

    Bible 10-12: Worked on Film Reviews and Screenplays

    Foods 9: Enjoyed the almond plum cake made last class.  Watched the last part od the Food Inc. Film

    Math 12: Discussed Lesson 3 of Unit III, Exponentials and logarithms.


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    Tuesday January 20, 2015 

    Geog 12: Took up Text Questions 2, 6-7 in the Weather Chapter.  Assigned Q10-12 p186, 16-17 p190

    Chem 11: Assigned Q 17-24 p131

    Chem 12: Assigned Q47-53 p134-139

    Sci 9: Discussed the end of PPT on Sexual Reproduction  6.2 Sexual Reproduction.  Assigned Review Worksheet 6.2  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 6.2 Sexual Reproduction for completion by Jan 22.


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    Monday January 19, 2015 

    Phy 11: Discussed the graph worksheets for motion Motion Graph Worksheet With Answers .  Assigned Q15-16 p21.  Assigned Quiz on motion worksheet.

    Phy 12: Discussed homework in Lesson 4.  Assigned Lesson 5 of unit 4.  Assigned Quiz on lessons 1-4 for Wednesday Jan 21.

    Bible 10-12: Viewed the end of the film, The Passion of the Christ.  Wrote up a exit ticket for the film.  Discussed reactions to the film and where it differs from the Gospel accounts.  Reminded of the film review and the screenplay story due on Friday Jan 23.

    Foods 9: Prepared an almond plum cake.  Watched some more of the film, Food Inc.  Discussed the problem of Monsanto’s control of food production in North America.

    Math 12: Reviewed the Transformations test.  Discussed lesson 2 of unit 3.  All questions of lesson 2 assigned.


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    Friday January 16, 2015 

    Geography 12: Finished the PPT on Weather 13 Weather .  Assigned Q 2 p 171 and 6-7 p177 for Tuesday Jan 20

    Chem 11: Assigned Q7-12 p127 for Tues Jan 20.

    Chem 12: Assigned Q 38-46 for Tues Jan 20.

    Sci 9: Discussed the Sexual Reproduction PPT 6.2 Sexual Reproduction  .  Assigned page 1 of Review Worksheet 6.2 Sci 9 Review Worksheet 6.2 Sexual Reproduction , due Tuesday Jan 20.



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