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    Thursday February 26, 2015 

    Geog 12: Discussed the PPT on Energy and Matter Movement in Ecosystems.   16 The Biosphere and Ecological Relationships

    Chem 11: Discussed the Quantum Atom PPT  7.1 The Quantum Atom .  Assigned Pages 1 and 2 of worksheet for Mar 3  Questions on the Quantum Atom  .   Single Sheet of Quantum Atom Orbital Map Test Mar 5 on Hebden p139-151. Also see the Heath Textbook, p238, figure 8-17 and p240-241 , the discussion of how a Mass Spectrophotometer works to prepare for the test.

    Chem 12: Assigned to read p154-158.  Assigned Q 94-107 for Tuesday Mar 3.

    Sci 9: Checked the homework assigned (Review 8.1)  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.1 Electrical Potential Energy and Voltage With Answers .  Discussed the PPT 8.2  8.3 Electrical Current 2 and assigned Review 8.2  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.2 Electrical Current for Mar 3.

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    Wednesday February 25, 2015 

    Phy 11: Wrote a Quiz on Relative Motion.  Assigned questions 1-12 p72 for Friday Feb 27.

    Phy 12: Discussed lesson 8.  Assigned the questions of lesson 8.   Assigned a test on March 4.

    Bible 10-12: Finished the film, Forrest Gump.  Assigned a Question sheet on Forrest Gump.  Started the film, Powder.

    Foods 8: Discussed the PPT on food safety and took a quiz on food safety.

    Math 12: Discussed Lesson 5 . Assigned the questions of lesson 5.  Assigned a test on the two chapters of logs and log applications on March 4.



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    Tuesday February 24, 2015 

    Geog 12: Students worked on placing climate graphs on the world map.  Then students worked on their biome projects.

    Chem 11: Discussed the PPTs on models of the atom and forces in the nucleus 6.1 Models of the Atom   6.2 Atomic Nucleus Stability and Isotopes .  Discussed how to do a weighted average of  the isotopes of an element to find its atomic weight.  Assigned Questions 18-19 p147, Q20-21 p148, Q22 p149 and Q23-25 p151-152 for Tuesday March 2.   Lab report on the burning of magnesium is due on Friday Feb 27.  Lab report on the formula of a hydrate is due on Tuesday Mar 2.

    Chem 12: Explained the calculation of % volume of acetic acid in vinegar from the molarity determination.  Students worked on their lab reports of the titration lab.  Lab report is due Tuesday Mar 2.

    Sci 9: Took a quiz on static electricity.  Discussed the PPT on current electricity  8.1 Electrical Current .  Assigned the question sheet 8.1 for Thursday Feb 26  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.1 Electrical Potential Energy and Voltage .  Some students began working on worksheet 8.2   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.2 Electrical Current  .


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    Monday February 23, 2015 

    Phy 11: Assigned to read p59-68 and Ques 1-5 p72

    Phy 12: Took up Q of Lesson  6.  Discussed Lesson 7.  Assigned Ques of Lesson 7, Circular Motion and Roational Mechanics

    Bible 10-12: Viewed Forest Gump, part 2

    Foods 8: Prepared Spring Rolls

    Math 12: Took up Lesson 4 of Log Applications and Assigned Leson 4 questions.


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    Friday February 20, 2015 

    Geog 12: Worked on Project of Climate graphs  Project of Climate Graphs and Biome Pictures and of Biome Project  The Biome PPT Project .   Climate Graph Project is Due Now and Biome Project is due March 1.

    Chem 11: Worked on Hydrate Lab.  Lab on Burning of Mg is due Feb 27.  Hydrate lab is also due on Feb 27.

    Chem 12: Worked on Titrating Standard Oxalic acid solution with NaOH to standardize the NaOH (Determine its exact concentration).  Then used the now standardized NaOH to determine the concentration of a vinegar solution.  Will go over the calculations on Tuesday Feb 24.

    Sci 9: Worked in lab finding the voltages of aluminum and a penny as well as the voltages produced by a lemon cell with 4 different metals  Beginning Labs on Current Electricity .  The Completed lab is due on Tuesday Feb 24.   In addition, there is a quiz on Feb 24 on static electricity (see your handout prequiz  Static Electricity ReQuiz ).

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    Thursday February 19, 2015 

    Geog 12:  Discussed the Soil Management  15 b Soil Management and Biosphere PPTs.  16 The Biosphere and Ecological Relationships

    Chem 11: Performed the Formula of a hydrate lab

    Chem 12: Titrated NaOH unknown conc solution with known conc Oxalic Acid Solution

    Sci 9: Discussed answers to the 7.2 Review sheet  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 7.2 Electric Force With Answers .   Assigned to complete the 8.1 Review Worksheet for Tuesday Feb 24  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.1 Electrical Potential Energy and Voltage  .

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    Wednesday February 18, 2015 

    Phy 11: Reviewed relative motion problems. Vector Chapter Questions    Q1-6

    Phy 12: Assigned Lesson 6 of Unit 5 (Circular Motion and Gravitation)

    Bible 10-12:  Given an assignment to answer 4 questions on the film, The Truman Show  2 The Truman Show .  Started watching the movie, Forest Gump and answered 3 questions on it in an exit pass  3 Forest Gump Exit Pass 1 .

    Foods 8: Completed making the Chicken, Mushroom and Broccoli Crepes.

    Math 12: Assigned questions on Lesson 3 of Log Applications Unit for Monday Feb 23.

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    Tuesday February 17, 2015 

    Geog 12: Discussed the PPT on Soil Management.  15 b Soil Management

    Chem 11: Performed the Law of Definite Proportions Lab

    Chem 12: Made up Standard Acid Solution and Base Solution to be Standardized.

    Sci 9: Finished the static electricity PPT  7.1 Static Electricity and assigned Review Worksheet 7.2 for Feb 19. Sci 9 Review Worksheet 7.2 Electric Force


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    Monday February 16, 2015 

    Phy 11: Assigned Q 9-12 p57

    Phy 12: Reviewed selected questions on circular motion.  Assigned questions on Lesson 5.

    Bible 10-12: Finished the movie, The Truman Show.

    Foods 8: Started making Chicken, Broccoli and Mushroom crepes. Finished making crepes and nearly finished the filling for crepes.

    Math 12: Discussed lesson 2 (Financial Applications) of Applications of logs Unit.


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    Friday February 14, 2015 

    Physics 11: Discussed relative motion using vectors.  Assigned Q 1-8 p56-57

    Physics 12: Assigned Lesson 4  and Q 1-14, p 300-302

    Bible 10-12: Started the Movies, The Truman Show

    Foods 8: Prepared Crepes Suzette

    Math 12: Took up Quiz on Logs/Exponentials.  Discussed lesson 1 of Log applications. Assigned Q 1-15 p236-240


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