Wednesday November 5, 2014

Physics 11: Worked on lab on images in a concave mirror, text pages 454-455.  Lab write up is due Nov 12 and should consist of a data table like that on the bottom of page 454 along with answers to questions 1-4 on page 455.  Students should use the small concave mirror that came from a microscope since it produces more clear images.  To get the focal length of the mirror, adjust the candle distance from the mirror until it produces an inverted real image at the same spot as the candle.  This will be the position of C, the centre of curvature of the mirror.  Measure the distance from C to V, the vertex to get the distance of C from the mirror.  Half of theis distance will be where F is and the distance from F to V will be the focal length.  The rest of the distances for your chart (like 2.5 F, 2F, a.5F etc are based on the focal length, F.

Physics 12: Took up questions from lessons4 and 5.  Assigned lesson 6 (inclined plane) and its questions for Nov  12.

Bible 10-12: Used the period to prepare the essay or PPT on Origins.

Foods 9: Prepared homemade pasta with carbonara sauce and proscuitto ham.

Math 12: Reviewed some questions from lesson 7.  Discussed lesson 8.  Assigned questions for lesson 8.  Assigned a test for Trig part 2 on Nov 14.