Wednesday January 28, 2015

Phy 11: Reviewed a few questions.  Assigned Q 10-17 p44-45

Phy 12:  Took a test on Equilibrium

Bible 10-12:  New term.  New Class.  Handed out the Text, Hollywood Worldviews.

Reviewed a PPT , An Introduction to Worldviews in Film  Intro to Worldviews in Film.  Read and discussed the issues of violence, sex and profanity in the Bible and Movies.  Assigned to write a single page essay on How we as Christians should respond to violence, sex and profanity in movies – Should the Bible be X-rated due to some of its content?  Due Monday Feb 2.

Foods 8: First day .  We completed a questionnaire.  We talked about the importance of eating locally and seasonally as much as possible.  We reviewed the duties of persons in our kitchen groups.  We did an inventory of the cooking tools found in each of our kitchen groups.

Math 12: WE Discussed Lesson 5 of Unit 3.  Assigned the Questions of lesson 5 for Monday Feb 2.