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    Wednesday April 29. 2015 

    Phy11: Discussed work and Energy.  Assigned q 1-7 p150-151.

    Phy 12: Discussed lesson 7.  Assigned lesson 7 questions in Circuits Unit.  Assigned test on circuits unit on Wednesday May 6.

    Bible 10-12: Took an Oral Quiz  Oral Quiz 1   based on vocabulary sheet 1  Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 1.  Assigned a second oral quiz for Wednesday May 6.  Handed out small letter versions of the Lord’s Prayer.  Handed out a vocabulary sheet to learn for the second oral quiz on Wednesday.  Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 2

    Foods 8: Prepared spicy carrot soup.

    Math 12: Assigned questions from Lesson 6 of the permutations and combinations unit.


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    Tuesday April 28, 2015 

    Geog 12: Visited Horne Lake Caves

    Chem 11: Assigned Interpret and Apply Ques 1-10 p364 and Problems Section Q 1-10 p364-365

    Chem 12: Assigned Ques 26-33 p213-214

    Sci 9: Assigned to complete Review Worksheet 10.1 for April 30.


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    Monday April 28, 2015 

    Phy 11: Assigned Q 9-15 p 123-124

    Phy 12: Took up Questions in the Circuits Unit.  Assigned questions for lessons 5-6.

    Bible Mission Prep: Reviewed Songs, Lords Prayer, Vocabulary and New Commands.  Assigned Oral quiz for April 29 and given sheet for this quiz  Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 1 .

    Foods 8: Baked Foccacia Bread.  Viewed Powerpoints on Breads and Food Safety.

    Math 12: Assigned problems from Lessons 4 and 5 p395-406


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    Friday April 24, 2015 

    Physics 11: Took up the test

    Physics 12: Assigned Lesson 4 in Circuits unit.  Assigned all questions

    Bible Mission Prep: Reviewed vowel and consonant sounds.  Added Spanish vocabulary to books.

    Foods 8:  Made foccacia bread

    Math 12 : Assigned lesson 3 in Combinatorics unit.


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    Thursday April 23, 2015 

    Geog 12: Worked on Murals

    Chem 11:  Finished discussing the Bonding PPT.  Assigned Q1-6 p362, Ques 11-15 p363-364

    Chem 12: Took a Quiz on Redox

    Sci 9: Took a test on Electricity 2 – Circuits and Electrical Power


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    Wednesday April 22, 2015 

    Phy 11: Took a test on Ch 4-6

    Phy 12: Discussed lesson 3. Assigned leson 3 questions

    Bible Missions Prep: Reviewed the vowel pronunciation.   Repeated the Lord’s Prayer through the sixth line. We sang four Spanish songs.  We practiced a conversation involving the “Captain May I” game.  Conversations 2

    Foods 8: Prepared a Quinoa Mediterranean Salad

    Math 12: Took a test on polynomials




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    Tuesday April 21, 2015 

    Geog 12: Worked on murals for Expo

    Chem 11: Assigned q 1-6 p354 and q 1-10 p363

    Chem 12: Assigned Q25.   Assigned quiz Thurs April 23 on p189-207

    Sci 9: Discussed the pretest  Pretest for Electricity 2 Test With Answers  .  Assigned Test (p290-331)  on Thursday April 23.



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    Monday April 20, 2015 

    Phy 11: Took up a Quiz on Projectiles in preparation for Text on Wednesday April 22 on p 59-114.

    Phy 12: Assigned Lessons 1-2 of electric circuits unit.

    Bible Missions Prep: First we discussed how you will be evaluated in this course by reviewing a rubric Marking Rubrics for Missions Prep Bible Course  .   We noted that your little pocketbook of Spanish vocabulary will count 50% of your Bible mark – check out the rubric to see what you need to include in your pocketbook.  We then reviewed vowel sounds Spanish Intro .   Learned the Lord’s Prayer through the fourth line.  Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos the Lord’s Prayer 2  We sang the songs, Allelu allelu, Gozo in mi corazon, and a new one – Cristo me ama.  Spanish Christian Songs  .   We practiced conversations in pairs and then we made new pairs and practiced the conversations again.  Conversations 1.

    Foods 8: We discussed the Kitchen Safety Powerpoint  Kitchen Safety , taking notes.  Then we took a quiz on the powerpoint.

    Math 12: We took lessons 1&2 of the Permutations and Combinations Unit.  Assigned the questions of both of these lessons.  Assigned a test on Polynomials for Wednesday April 22.


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    Friday April 17, 2015 

    Geog 12: Painted Murals for the Expo

    Chem 11: Discussed Bonding and Resonance (p343-348).  Assigned Q1-5 p348.

    Chem 12: Discussed balancing Redox equation using the half-reaction method.  Assigned Q 24 p207.

    Sci 9: Students worked on researching their Expo topics and completing their Pretests.


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    Thursday April 16, 2015 

    Geog 12: Painted Cowichan Valley Map

    Chem 11: Discussed Lewis Dot Diagrams p337-343.   9.1 Bonding  Assigned Q1-6 p343.   Answers to this chapter are: Answers to Heath Text Ch 12 on Bonding

    Chem 12: Discussed balancing half-reactions. 12.1 Redox Intro   Assigned Q13-18 p200 and Assigned Q 19 p203

    Sci 9: Handed out the Pretest to Circuits and Electrical Power test.  The completed pretest is due April 21 and will be taken up in class.



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