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    Post for Geography 12 Written Response Answers 

    Adobe copies of Human Interaction with Environment and Biomes:   Old Exam Questions relating to Human Interaction and Issues      Part 2 of Old ExamQuestions relating to Human Interaction


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    Monday June 1, 2015 

    Phy 11: Discussed PPT on Nuclear reactions.  Assigned Q1-15 p334-335; Q2-5 p318-319; Q 12 p320

    Phy 12: Given asnswers to Selected Questions and Assigned Lesson 5.

    Bible Mission Prep: Played the Elephant game and Name game (Juego Bop)

    Foods 8: Prepared Modified Waikiki Meatballs.

    Math 12: Used period for Math Review.


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    Friday May 29, 2015 

    Geog 12: Given a second handout to prepare for Exam Written Response.

    Chem 11: Did prep for exam

    Chem 12: Wrote Exam A Part 1

    Sci 9: Discussed the Earth Moon System


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    Post for Physics 11 Students for Exam Study 

    Phy 11 Test Bank of Objective Questions Part 1:    Review Questions Part 1 OAIP

    Phy 11 Test Bank of Objective questions Part 2:   Review Questions Part 2 OAIP

    Phy 11  Review Lists :    Physics 11 Review Sheet     Physics_11_Review_Sheet    Review Sheet for Physics 11

    Phy 11  Questions with explanations for all topics and question answers:   Physics 11 Review Questions Answers Explanations


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    Post for Chem 11 Students for their Exam 

    Chem 11 Objective Question Bank Part 1:  Chemistry Review Part 1 With Questions Answers Explanations

    Chem 11 Objective Question Bank Part 2:   Chemistry Review Part 2 With Questions Answers Explanations

    Chem 11 Topics to Review:   Exam Review Sheet


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    Thursday May 28, 2015 

    Geog 12: Were given a handout to prepare for written response questions on the final exams.  The final exam will be 3/4 objective questions and 1/4 written response questions.  The written response questions will be taken from the handouts given in class today (May 28) and tomorrow (May 29).  The May 28 handout :   Old Exam Questions relating to Human Interaction and Issues

    Chem 11: Students reviewed what the written response part of exam part 1 will be like.  See example.   Written Response Example for Exam Part 1.  See next posting for a test bank of objective questions for Chem 11.

    Chem 12: Students worked at preparing for Exam A.

    Sci 9: Listened to a presentation on Safety with respect to drugs in our society today.   Students were also given a pretest for the upcoming astronomy test.  Astronomy Pretest 2015



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    Wednesday May 21, 2015 

    Phy 11: Completed the PPT on Relativity.  Assigned all the circled questions at the end of the relativity handout.

    Phy 12: Assigned Lesson 4 in Induction with the questions.

    Bible 11 Mission Prep: Discussed Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 6   Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 6 .   Reviewed the entire Lord’s Prayer.  Practiced the Spanish Songs.   The class decided that Wednesday June 3 and Friday June 5 would be a good days to prepare craft bags.  Be sure to get your craft materials and bags ready for these days.  Have bags and enough materials for 25-50 children.

    Foods 8: Prepared Spaghetti

    Math 12: Assigned Lesson 6 and questions.


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    Tuesday May 26, 2015 

    Geog 12:  Assigned questions on Natural Disasters: 1a,b, 2b, 3, 4 p306; 5a,b,c, 6, 7, 8a,b page 309; 9 p311, 11, 12, 13 p313; 15, 16 p316; 17, 18 p318; 19a,b, 20a,b p319   Handed out an exam schedule and description of the exams parts Geog 12 Schedule end of year

    Chem 11: Took Organic Chem Test

    Chem 12: Took Electrochem Test

    Sci 9: Discussed perspectives on Young Earth vs Old Age Earth.  10.1 b Additional Background for Biblical Perspective


  • lvanessen 2:31 am on May 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Monday May 25, 2015 

    Phy 11: Discussed Relativity from the Relativity PPT. Assigned all the Ques circled at the end of the handout.

    Phy 12: Assigned Lesson 3 of Induction Unit.

    Bible Missions Prep: Developed groups to work on Mission Programs with students picking songs to sing, Bible stories to tell, crafts to do with children, and games to play.  Students encouraged to think of skits they might do in relation to their Bible story or personal testimonies that could be shared.

    Foods 8: Prepared Homemade Fettuccine Carbonara pasta.

    Math 12: Discussed Lesson 5 and Assigned Lesson 5 questions.


  • lvanessen 3:26 am on May 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply  

    Review for Science 9 Exam 

    Science 9: Exam with 2 parts: Part 1 includes units 1 and 2 (Safety, Chemistry- atom parts atom models Bohr model periodic chart reactions, Reproduction cells DNA structure and function mitosis meiosis.     Part 2 includes Units 3 and 4 (Electricity Static Currents Ohms Law Power Energy, Astronomy)

    Schedule for Lessons, Tests, Quizzes Exams from now to Year’s end.  Sci 9 Test and Exam Schedule 2015

    Full Year Review Sheet  1 Sci 9 Final Review With All Asterisks


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