Thursday May 28, 2015

Geog 12: Were given a handout to prepare for written response questions on the final exams.  The final exam will be 3/4 objective questions and 1/4 written response questions.  The written response questions will be taken from the handouts given in class today (May 28) and tomorrow (May 29).  The May 28 handout :   Old Exam Questions relating to Human Interaction and Issues

Chem 11: Students reviewed what the written response part of exam part 1 will be like.  See example.   Written Response Example for Exam Part 1.  See next posting for a test bank of objective questions for Chem 11.

Chem 12: Students worked at preparing for Exam A.

Sci 9: Listened to a presentation on Safety with respect to drugs in our society today.   Students were also given a pretest for the upcoming astronomy test.  Astronomy Pretest 2015