Tuesday May 12, 2015

Geog 12: Worked on History Captions for the Cowichan History Map

Chem 11: Discussed alkenes and alkynes from the PPT.  11.1 Organic Chemistry  Assigned 1-6 p685

Chem 12: Assigned Q49-56 p 228-233

Sci 9: Students assigned worksheets 11.1 and 11.2  Science 9 Review Worksheet 11.1 Stars   Science 9 Review Worksheet 11.2 The Sun and Its Planetary System for May 28.  Students were reminded to come prepared to work on their Expo Projects on May 14, 15, 19.  Discussed the planets of our solar system PPTs.   11.2a The Sun Solar System to Mars   11.2b The Solar System Asteroids and Gas Giants