Wednesday May 6, 2015

Phy 11: Discussed the Energy Transformations illustrated by the PPT.  12.1 Work Energy Power      Assigned Q 1-17 p150-152.

Phy 12: Wrote a Test on Circuits.  Assigned Lesson 2 of Magnetism Unit.

Bible Missions Prep:  Learned a new Spanish song, Rey de Rey y Senor de Senores.  Reviewed the material for the Oral Quiz 2  Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 2  .   Most students took the Oral Quiz 2   Oral Quiz 2 .   Vocabulary Sheets for Oral Quiz 3 were handed out.   Vocabulary for Oral Quiz 3     Oral quiz 3 will be given on May 11.

Foods 8:  Prepared Apple Crepes which students will eat at noon on May 7.

Math 12: Discussed lesson 8 of the Combinatorics Unit.  Will have a brief quiz on May 11.  A test on the Combinatorics Unit will be given on May 13.    All questions for lesson 8 are due on May 11.