Monday April 20, 2015

Phy 11: Took up a Quiz on Projectiles in preparation for Text on Wednesday April 22 on p 59-114.

Phy 12: Assigned Lessons 1-2 of electric circuits unit.

Bible Missions Prep: First we discussed how you will be evaluated in this course by reviewing a rubric Marking Rubrics for Missions Prep Bible Course  .   We noted that your little pocketbook of Spanish vocabulary will count 50% of your Bible mark – check out the rubric to see what you need to include in your pocketbook.  We then reviewed vowel sounds Spanish Intro .   Learned the Lord’s Prayer through the fourth line.  Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos the Lord’s Prayer 2  We sang the songs, Allelu allelu, Gozo in mi corazon, and a new one – Cristo me ama.  Spanish Christian Songs  .   We practiced conversations in pairs and then we made new pairs and practiced the conversations again.  Conversations 1.

Foods 8: We discussed the Kitchen Safety Powerpoint  Kitchen Safety , taking notes.  Then we took a quiz on the powerpoint.

Math 12: We took lessons 1&2 of the Permutations and Combinations Unit.  Assigned the questions of both of these lessons.  Assigned a test on Polynomials for Wednesday April 22.