Wednesday April 15, 2015

Physics 11: Took up questions on Ch 6 and provided worked answers to ch 4.  Major test coming up on Ch 4-6 next week Wednesday, April 22.

Physics 12: Wrote a test on Electrostatics.  Will cover Lessons 1 and 2 of Unit 7 on April 20 so read Lesson 1 and begin working the problems of lesson 1 in unit 7.

Bible 10-12: Students were given small pocket books to keep as Spanish vocabulary books.  We practiced some greetings, a new song, parts of the body and a game to play with children in Spanish.

Foods 8: Prepared Chinese Stirfry.

Math 12: Discussed lessons 9-10 and assigned questions for lessons 9-10 in the Polynomial Unit.  Also assigned a test on Polynomials for Wed April 22.