Wednesday March 11, 2015

Phy 11: Assigned Q 1-21 p 91-93 for Monday March 30.  Gave out worked solutions to the questions.

Phy 12: Discussed the PPT on Electrostatics and Charge.  Assigned Lesson 3 p363-369.  Students to request problems solutions they are having difficulty with.  Worked answers will be posted on this blog over Spring Break.

Bible 10-12: Continued viewing To End All Wars.  What follows are the question sheets that are required to be completed for each film viewed:  2 The Truman Show  3. Forrest Gump  4 Powder  5 The Matrix

Foods 8: Prepared Sloppy Joes.

Math 12: Assigned problems with Lesson 3 (Synthetic Division) of Polynomials Unit .