Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Geog 12: Discussed PPTs on the Tundra  and Grassland  24 Grassland Biome-Geography 12 Lauren. Viewed a you tube clip on the Deciduous Forest Biome.  Reviewed some Provincial Exam questions on biomes and soils.  Assigned a test on Biomes and Soils for Thursday March 12.

Chem 11: Reviewed aspects of Periodicity  8.1 Periodic Trends.  Assigned to complete the Quantum Atom Worksheet  Answers to the Quantum Atom Worksheet.  Assigned Q1-4 p 311 in the Heath text Answers to Heath Chapters 10-11 Quantum Atom and Periodicity.   Assigned a Quiz on the Quantum Atom for Thursday Mar 12.

Chem 12: Discussed the PPT on Titrations of Acids and Bases of Various Strengths  9.1 Kinds of Titrations and Selection of Indicators .  Assigned Q 125-130 p 176-177.

Sci 9: Reviewed answers to questions on the pretest.  Test on Thursday p 248-301 in Science 9 Text.  For study, use your pretext and answers to the Review questions  .   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 7.1 Static Charge With Answers  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 7.2 Electric Force With Answers   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.1 Electrical Potential Energy and Voltage With Answers  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.2 Electrical Current With Answers   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.3 Resistance and Ohm’s Law With Answers  .