Friday March 6, 2015

Geog 12: Took up the PPTs on the desert 21 Desert Biome Mikayla and the Chaparral Biomes  22 Schlerophyll Forests Chapparal .  Test on Soils and Biomes on Thursday March 12.

Chem 11: Assigned Q1-7 p300 , Q 4-8 in the Problems section on P302, and Q2-4 of the Challenge section on  p302 for Tues Mar 10.

Chem 12: Assigned Q 121-123 p165 for Tues Mar 10.

Sci 9: Assigned Pretest  to complete by Tues Mar 10.  Answers to Review 8.3 are posted here.  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.3 Resistance and Ohm’s Law With Answers  .   Assigned a test for Thursday Mar 12 on text p 248-303.