Tuesday February 24, 2015

Geog 12: Students worked on placing climate graphs on the world map.  Then students worked on their biome projects.

Chem 11: Discussed the PPTs on models of the atom and forces in the nucleus 6.1 Models of the Atom   6.2 Atomic Nucleus Stability and Isotopes .  Discussed how to do a weighted average of  the isotopes of an element to find its atomic weight.  Assigned Questions 18-19 p147, Q20-21 p148, Q22 p149 and Q23-25 p151-152 for Tuesday March 2.   Lab report on the burning of magnesium is due on Friday Feb 27.  Lab report on the formula of a hydrate is due on Tuesday Mar 2.

Chem 12: Explained the calculation of % volume of acetic acid in vinegar from the molarity determination.  Students worked on their lab reports of the titration lab.  Lab report is due Tuesday Mar 2.

Sci 9: Took a quiz on static electricity.  Discussed the PPT on current electricity  8.1 Electrical Current .  Assigned the question sheet 8.1 for Thursday Feb 26  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.1 Electrical Potential Energy and Voltage .  Some students began working on worksheet 8.2   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 8.2 Electrical Current  .