Friday February 20, 2015

Geog 12: Worked on Project of Climate graphs  Project of Climate Graphs and Biome Pictures and of Biome Project  The Biome PPT Project .   Climate Graph Project is Due Now and Biome Project is due March 1.

Chem 11: Worked on Hydrate Lab.  Lab on Burning of Mg is due Feb 27.  Hydrate lab is also due on Feb 27.

Chem 12: Worked on Titrating Standard Oxalic acid solution with NaOH to standardize the NaOH (Determine its exact concentration).  Then used the now standardized NaOH to determine the concentration of a vinegar solution.  Will go over the calculations on Tuesday Feb 24.

Sci 9: Worked in lab finding the voltages of aluminum and a penny as well as the voltages produced by a lemon cell with 4 different metals  Beginning Labs on Current Electricity .  The Completed lab is due on Tuesday Feb 24.   In addition, there is a quiz on Feb 24 on static electricity (see your handout prequiz  Static Electricity ReQuiz ).