Tuesday February 3. 2015

Geog 12: Completed the World Climates PPT.  Students continued working on completing information about the location, climate graphs and pictures of the vegetation and animals of each climate graph from 1-40.  Lauren is doing graphs 1-10, Justine is doing graphs 11-20, Mikayla is doing graphs 21-30 and Victoria is doing graphs 31-40.  Students are working in WORD and pasting pictures into their documents.

Chem 11: Assigned Q 1-6 p142 based on reading p139-142

Chem 12: Discussed problems using the Ka (p148-152).  Assigned Q 74-83 p 152.

Sci 9:  Wrote a test on the Reproduction Unit.  Assigned to complete Review Worksheet 7.1.