Tuesday December 9, 2014

Geog 12: Took a quiz on Atmosphere Winds and Ocean Currents.  Completed the Ocean Currents PPT 10.0 Ocean Currents  and started the Climate PPT  12.0 Climate .

Chem 11:  Reviewed the Molarity Quiz.  Assigned Q 95-97 p103-104.  Assigned a test for Thursday Dec 18.

Chem 12: Students were to review their Quizzes using the answer sheet.  Discussed a question on the homework.  Assigned Q 76-80 p104.  Assigned a test on Solutions for Thursday Dec 18.

Sci 9: Reviewed the Quiz on Organelles.  Took up  Q 1-14 of Review 4.1.   Assigned Q 15- end of Review 4.1.