Tuesday December 2, 2014

Geog 12: Viewed Atmospheric Circulation on You Tube.  Discussed a note sheet on this video, Atmospheric Circulation Student Notes on Video Atmospheric Circulation as on You Tube .  Students should read p141-146 and complete Q 10-13 p146-147.

Chem 11: Discussed making dilutions p101-102.  Assigned Q 78-84 p 102.  Prepare for a quiz on p96-99

Chem 12: Discussed how to determine if a precipitate forms.  Assigned Q 56-69 p 97-98.  Prepare for Quiz on Thursday on p88-99.

Sci 9: Took up the Chem Test part 2.  Discussed how a cell is like a factory and the role various  cell structures play in a cell.  Assigned Review Questions Page 1.  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 4.1