Tuesday November 18, 2014

Geog 12: Were given a student presentation on Aeolian Landscapes.  The following Landscape projects are due next time:  Karst, Coastal, Periglacial

Chem 11: Checked homework Q35-43 Parts a,b.  Assigned Q 35-43, Parts c,d and e.  Quiz Thursday on Mole conversions between numbers, mass and volume.

Chem 12: Discussed writing formula equations, complete ionic equations and net ionic equations.  Discussed the technique of ion separation and solutions required to accomplish this.  Assigned Ques 25-29 p87-90.

SCi 9: Reviewed the writing of formulas and naming for compounds.  Took a quiz.  Discussed a PPT on chapter 3.3  3.3 Physical and Chemical Changes  and assigned a worksheet on ch 3.3   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 3.3  for Thursday.   Assigned a test on p52-107 for Thursday November 27.