Monday November 17, 2014

Physics 11: Discussed the start of Refraction PPT  4.1 Refraction Index  .  Asigned to Read p469-477, do Q1-13 p489-491.  Assigned Test on p428-468 for Nov 26

Physics 12: Gave the Physics quiz back with answers  .  Discussed the PPT on Equilibrium  6.1 Equilibrium .  Assigned lesson 9 in  Dynamics unit.  Assigned test on p 74-145 for Nov 26

Bible 10-12:  Handed out Rubrics for the two projects.  Jesus Film Report Rubric   Rubric for Jesus Screenplay Project

Foods 9:  Prepared Borscht Soup

Math 12:  Returned tests and answer sheet.  Discussed Lesson 2 of Unit 1.   Assigned Lesson 2 questions.