Thursday November 13, 2014

Geog 12: Student presentation of Alpine Glaciation.  Worked on Student Landscape Presentations.

Chem 11: Discussed making calculations of gas density using molar mass and molar volume.  Discussed using density to convert between mass and volume for solids and liquids.  Assigned Problems 35-43, Parts a and b pages 88-89, due next class.

Chem 12: Took up the Equilibrium test.   Reviewed the topics predicting the solubilities of salts with PPT. 3.1 The Solubility of Salts Assigned Q21-24, p83-84, due next class.  Assigned a quiz on pages 73-87 for Nov 20.

Sci 9: Reviewed how write formulas and name compounds.  Were given a review sheet of ch 3.2  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 3.2 .  Answers are posted here –>   Sci 9 Review Worksheet 3.2 With Answers .   Assigned a quiz for tuesday Nov 18 on naming compounds and writing formulas.