Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

Monday Nov 10 was a Professional Development day for staff to review and rehearse emergency procedures for an earthquake.

Tuesday Nov 11 was Remembrance Day

For Wednesday Nov 12, 2014:

Physics 11: Did a lab with pinhole cameras – setting up the darkroom and chemicals and taking and developing pictures with a pinhole camera.  This lab continued at noon hour and resulted in one photo (in the negative) and discovering that the second camera was leaking light.

Physics 12: Worked on lesson 7 in Mathewson.  Assigned a quiz for Friday on lessons 1-6 in Dynamics , primarily lessons 4-6.

Bible 10-12: Introduced to the Jesus in Film Course.  Began the silent film, King of Kings by Cecil B. DeMille.  Will be given rubrics for the two projects assigned – One review of a film viewed and a screenplay for your own idea for a film of Jesus.  The screen play will be an outline, not a complete work with dialogue and filming directives etc.   Students will not have to film their screenplay.

Foods 9: Introduced to the course.  Completed an introductory survey.  Were assigned to a kitchen and completed a survey of equipment in the kitchen.  Reviewed the tasks for each kitchen group.  Discussed the concepts of eating locally and seasonally.  Discussed how students will be assessed – through their completion of assigned tasks and the food products they produce.  Were reminded to go to room 206 next time for powerpoint discussions on kitchen safety and food safety.

Math 12: Reminded of the test on Trig part 2 on Friday November 14.  Discussed Lesson 1 of unit 1, Functions.  Assigned all the questions for lesson 1 due on November 17.