Friday October 31, 2014

Geog 12:  Worked on Landscape Project .

Chem 11: Discussed using conversion factors to convert between moles, mass and numbers of atoms/molecules.  Assigned q 1-9 p104 in Heath Text.

Chem 12: Worked on Q1-17 p74-79.  These questions are due on Tuesday Nov 4.  Reminded of Test on Thursday, Nov 6 on Unit 2, Equilibrium.

Sci 9: Reviewed the steps of writing chemical formulas and naming chemical compounds.  Discussed Metals having multiple valences (found in the transition metals part of the Periodic Chart)  Text pages 88-89.  Assigned Ques 1 all parts on page 86.  Also assigned Ques 1 and 2 on page 87, all parts.   On Tuesday Nov 4, we will review Bohr Atoms and take a Quiz on drawing Bohr diagrams for neutral atoms and ions at the end of class.  Homework Review 2.3 will be checked on Tuesday and time will be given for completion of Review 2.3.   Problems assigned on Friday will be checked on Thursday.