Monday October 27, 2014

Physics 11: Reviewed the test on waves.  Did an activity with mirrors showing the laws of reflection.  Assigned q10-18 p449-450.

Physics 12: Gave back Kinetics Test with answers for students to review on their own.  Assigned Lessons 2-3 in the spiral book with all the end of lesson questions.

Bible 10-12: Discussed the answers to the ch 8 questions 8.1 Chapter 8 Questions With Answers .  Assigned a quiz on ch 7-8 for Wednesday Oct 29.  Answers to ch 7 questions :   7.1 Chapter 7 Questions With Answers   7.1 Chapter 7 Questions With Answers Complete .   Discussed the PPT on Ch 9 9.1 Evidence for Plant and Animal Evolution  .   Assigned the first half of the questions on ch 9 9.1 Chapter 9 Questions .   I am posting a copy of the rubric for your final report Rubric for Final Project on Origins    or final PPT  .   Check this example  How did everything get here-Megan of a final PPT done by a former student   .

Foods 9:  Discussed the PPT on Good Nutrition   Guidelines for Good Nutrition and filled in the worksheet  Good Nutrition Workshet .

Math 12: Took up questions in lesson 4 of Trip part 2.   Discussed Lesson 5 of trig part 2.  Assigned all problems for lesson 5 Trig part 2.