Thursday, October 23, 2014

Geog 12: Wrote a test on Tectonics.  Discussed more of the PPT on Gradation.

Chem 11: Wrote a test on Ch 2.  Assigned to read p95-104, q 1-3 p104.   Assigned a test for Oct 30 on Ch 3.  Collected labs on the Cooling of PDB.

Chem 12: Collected labs on Equilibrium.  Discussed calculations with the Keq.  Assigned q36-46 p 62-63 and q47-66 p70-72 for Tuesday Oct 28.  Assigned a test on Equilibrium Unit 2 for Nov 4.

Sci 9: Checked and Discussed Review 2.2.  Worked on the Bohr Atom Head Project.  Assigned a Quiz on drawing Bohr Atoms for Fri Oct 24.