Monday October 20, 2014

Physics 11:  Reviewed Questions 31-37 p376-377, due on Mon Oct 27.  Discussed the PPT on Speed of Light and the Pinhole Camera 3.1 The Speed of Light and Pinhole Camera  .  Assigned q 1-9 p448-449.  Reminded of test on Wed Oct 22.

Physics 12: Assigned Lesson 2 in the Spiral workbook with q1-14 p87-88, due onm Mon Oct 27.  Reminded of test on Wed on Kinematics and Projectiles.

Bible 10-12: Reviewed the Quiz on Ch 5-6 Quiz on Ch 5-6 With Answers  .  Discussed the PPT on Evolution Ch 8 8.1 Evolution  .    No assignment yet.

Foods 9: Prepared Apple Crepes with Apple Syrup

Math 12:  Reviewed the test on Trig Part 1 (Lessons 1-10) Trig Part 1 Test With Answers  .    Discussed Lesson 3 and assigned lesson 3 questions.