Thursday October 16, 2014

Geography 12: Completed the PPT part 2 on the Lithosphere and Tectonics  2.2 The Lithosphere Part 2   .   Assigned to read p97-102 and complete Q 15-17 p102.   Questions 1-17 are due on Tuesday Oct 21.

Chem 11: Discussed the PPT on Measuring  3.1 Measuring and Significant Digits  .  Discussed Significant Digits and Calculations with Sig. Dig.  Assigned q 1, 4 p80 and Q6, 7, 9 p93 in the Problems Section.   These questions are due on Oct 23.  Gave out a rubric for a lab write-up for the Cooling and Warming of PDB  Rubric for the Freezing Point of Paradichlorobenzene  and this lab report is due on Thursday Oct 23.   A Test on Ch 2 is also scheduled for Oct 23.

Chem 12: Completed the equilibrium lab.  Were given a rubric for writing up a lab report on the equilibrium lab  Rubric for the Equilibrium Lab  .   A lab report on this lab is due on Oct 23.

Sci 9: We reviewed the Bohr Atom and how you represent a neutral atom using information from a periodic chart.   Students were assigned to complete the review sheet 2.2  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 2.2 for Tuesday Oct 21.