Friday October 17, 2014

Physics 11: Took up questions from 21-30 Chapter 18 Answers to Chapter Questions .  Discussed the PPT on Intro to Waves, the Interference Section.  Assigned Q31-37 on p376-377.  Assigned a test for Wednesday Oct 22.

Physics 12: Assigned Lesson 1 of Force, p75 and all the questions at end of Lesson 1.  Assigned a test on Kinetics from Lesson 1 of kinetics through the Projectiles section for Wednesday Oct 22.  The Force and Dynamics material is NOT on the test.

Bible 10-12: Wrote a quiz on Ch 5-6.  Discussed the PPT on Ch 7.  Assigned to complete the Ch 7 questions by Monday Oct 20.

Foods 9: Prepared Zucchini Stew Sidedish

Math 12: Wrote a test on Trig Unit 1, Lessons 1-10.  No new homework but have Lesson 2 of Unit 2 completed by Monday Oct 20.