Wednesday October 15, 2014

Physics 11: Did the Lab on Slinky Superposition (18.9 p359)  Took up questions on homework.  ASSIGNED QUESTIONS 22-30, P 373-375

Physics 12: Reviewed the quiz on Kinetics.  Reviewed some homework questions.  Assigned to read p92-98 and do Q1-6 p95 and Q1-11 p99-100.  Assigned a test for Wednesday Oct 22 on Kinetics and Projectiles.

Bible 10-12: Discussed the questions assigned on Ch 6 6.1 Chapter 6 Questions With Answers .  Discussed the PPT on Ch 7 7.1 What The Heavens Are Declaring About God’s Creating  .   Assigned a quiz on ch 5-6 for Friday Oct 17.

Foods 9: Prepared Zucchini Bread and practiced folding serviettes.

Math 12: Reviewed the Quiz on Trig Lessons 5-10.  Discussed Trig Lesson 2 of Trig Part 2.  Assigned all the homework of this lesson 2.  Reminded of the test on Trig Lessons 1-10 for Friday Oct 17.