Wednesday October 8, 2014

Physics 11: We discussed mor of the PPT on waves, including the principle of superposition.  Students were assigned q 12-20 p372-373.  PPT on Significant Digits for Kayleigh M. follows: 1.2 Measuring and Significant Digits .  Lab question sheet for Wednesday Oct 15 follows: 18.9 p359-361 Lab on waves in a slinky

Physics 12: Worked on a quiz on lessons 1-8. Assigned q1-8, p78-80 and q1-11 p82-86 in the SNAP Workbook.

Bible 10-12: Discussed the PPTs on Ch 6.  6.2 Non-Concordist Interpretations of Genesis   and  6.1 The Author of Genesis Students were assigned the Ch 6 Review Questions due for Wed Oct 15.

Foods 9: Completed a lab making Potato and Carrot Soup.

Math 12: Did a Quiz on Lessons 6-10.  Discussed Lesson 1 of Trig Unit 2.  All the questions from Lesson 1 of Trig Unit 2 are due on Wed Oct 15.  Test assigned for Friday Oct 17 on Trig Unit I, Lessons 1-10.