Tuesday October 7, 2014

Geography 12; We reviewed the Intro test.  We continued discussing the PPT on the Lithosphere.  2.1 The Lithosphere and Tectonic Forces

Chem 11: We Reviewed the Ch 1 test.  We discussed how numbers expressed in standard form are multiplied, divided, added and subtracted.  Ques 1-18 p69 and q1-3 p70 were assigned.   Students were asked to read in the Lab text Exp 2A p15 for a lab to be done on Tuesday Oct 14.   Chem 12: Students were asked to review their Unit I test on Kinetics.  Students were given a copy of the test with answers.  Students were asked to read in the Lab Book Lab 19A, p208.   Students were assigned questions 17-28 on p54-55 for Tuesday Oct 14.

Sci 9: We reviewed the Test 1.1-1.3 and students were asked to correct wrong answers.  We reviewed the end of PPT 1.3 Models of the Atom  1.3 Models of the Atom .   Students were assigned all the questions on review worksheet 2.1 for Tuesday Oct 14.