Friday Oct 3, 2014

Geography 12: Completed Test 1: An Intro to Geography.  Began discussing the PPT on the Lithosphere and Tectonics 2.1 Tectonic Forces .

Chem 11: Completed a test on Ch 1.  Assigned questions 1-6 from the Problems Section on p 58-59.  Will have a lab on Oct 7 on the Melting point of a pure substance, p15 in Lab Text

Chem 12: Completed Test on Unit I, Kinetics.  Assigned Unit II q8-16 and reading p41-49.  Will have a lab on Oct 7 0n Equilibrium, p208 in the Lab Text.

Science 9: Completed a Test on ch 1.1-1.3.  Assigned Review worksheet 2.1 Sci 9 Review Worksheet 2.1 Elements  , Q1-11, due on Oct 7.