Thursday Oct 2, 2014

Geography 12: We reviewed the Provincial exam map questions previously assigned.  We read together the reading about coffee from This Place on Earth by Alan Thein Durning  Article and project on the Ecological Wake of Coffee  .   Students are assigned the poster project described at the end of the article.   Students can work in pairs.  Points 7&8 on page 2 can be included on the poster or in a separate written paragraph separate from the poster.  The project is due on Tuesday Oct 14.

Chem 11: Assigned q3-7 p55 due Oct 7

Chem 12: Took up question 61.  Reviewed PPT on Equilibrium (Unit II)  2.1 Equilibrium Introduction and assigned q1-7 p37-41.

Science 9: Did a lab activity looking at continuous spectra from classroom flurescent lights and line spectra from two gaseous elements.   Reviewed the explanation for bright line spectra.  Took up the pretest for units 1.1-1.3.  Reminded of test tomorrow, Oct 3, on units 1.1-1.3