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    Monday Sept 15. 2014 

    Physics 11: Did a quiz on Significant digits and Metric Conversions.  Then designed a lab for the laws of the pendulum.  Continue this lab and complete it next time.

    Physics 12: Did lab on relation between stopping distance and velocity.  Experienced difficulty in getting a velocity reading from the Lab Quest so had the instructor do trials for stopping distance and velocity with his auto.  Assigned to complete Lesson 5 in the Physics workbook for after the Mission trip on Sept 29.  Assigned to complete a formal lab report on the relation between stopping distance and vehicle velocity before Sept 19, 2014.

    Bible 10-12: Reviewed ch 4 questions  4.1 God’s Word and World With Answers .  Discussed the PPT on ch 5 5.1 Reading the Bible About Origins Part 1  .  Assigned a quiz for Wednesday Sept 17 on ch 3 and 4 .  See ch 4 and ch 3 answers to questions 3.1 The Process of Science Ch 3 With Answers  .

    Foods 9: Made Fruit Leathers illustrating the food preservation principle of food drying 4.0 Fruit Leather Recipes  .

    Math 12:  Reviewed Lessons 6 and 7.  Lesson 6 is due Sept 17 while lesson 7 is due Sept 29 after the Mission Trip.  Assigned a quiz on ch 1-5 for Wednesdays Sept 17.




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    Friday Sept 12, 2014 

    Physics 11: We reviewed your worksheets on the metric system and significant digits.  A quiz on these will be given on Monday Sept 15.  After discussing the PPT on doing an experiment  0.11 Designing and Conducting an Experiment  , students went into lab to design and complete a series of experiments to test the effects of displacement, pendulum length and bob weight on the the period of the pendulum.  Students will continue this lab on Monday Sept 15.

    Physics 12: Students received their marked quizzes and informed that they can opt to do a requiz should they desire to.  Students were assigned lesson 4 in their workbooks.  Students were asked to bring a bicycle (just one needed between the three students) to school to do a lab.  The lab will investigate the relation between the speed of a bicycle and the stopping distance required.  Students will use a vernier LabQuest to determine velocity and will measure the stopping distance with a metre tape.  The results will be tabulated and graphed with conclusions.  The lab and rubric for write-up will be presented on Monday Sept 15.

    Bible 10-12: The first quiz on ch 1-2 was handed back and taken up Quiz on Ch 1-2 With Answers  .  Students were assigned to complete ch 4 questions,  4.1 God’s Word and World , for Monday Sept 15 .  Students were led in a discussion of the PPT on Ch 4  4.1 God’s Word and His World   .   Chapter 5 copy –> ch 5 .  Assigned  Questions on Chapter 5 to be due on Sept 17. 5.2 Chapter 5 Questions

    Foods 9:  We made plum chutney conserve and canned it.

    Math 12:  We took up student questions on ch 4, did a discussion of Lesson 5 and were assigned all the questions of lesson 5.  Students can expect a quiz on Trig lessons 1-5 on Wednesday Sept 15 after we have taken up any student questions on ch 5 on Monday.


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    Thursday Sept 11, 2014 

    Geography 12: Worked on Completing the map exercise using UTM maps of the Duncan area.  The mapping worksheet is due Tuesday Sept 16.

    Chem 11: Reviewed the worksheets on significant digits and the metric system. Did a lab on finding the density of water and ethyl alcohol (LAB 1c p 13.  Were assigned a quiz on significant digits and the metric system for Tuesday Sept 16.  Will be shown how to write a lab report on Tuesday Sept 16 for the lab done today.

    Chem 12: Did a lab on the reaction rate of alka-seltzer tablets at 0, 10, 20, 30 degrees celsius.  Given a Lab Format Alka Seltzer Lab .  Also given a rubric for completing the lab Rubric for Alka-Seltzer Lab  .

    Sci 9: Took up the safety Questions Sci 9 Review Sheet 1.1 With Answers .  Began a PPT on Investigating Matter  1.2 Investigating Matter .  Started working on the Review worksheet for Investigating Matter  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 1.2  .  Did the lab activity 1-2A, Bag of Change, on p 17.  Students were assigned to write a paragraph about what they observed, whether the changes were physical or chemical, and the reasons for saying that the changes were physical or chemical.  This paragraph is due on Monday Sept 15.


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    Wednesday Sept 10, 2014 

    Physics 11: Reviewed how to convert in the metric system.  Assigned a worksheet with Metric Conversion ( Metric Conversion Worksheet ) and a worksheet for significant digits (Significant Digit Worksheet ).

    Physics 12: Were given a quiz on significant digits.  Were assigned Lesson 3.

    Bible 10-12: Were given a quiz on Ch 1-2.  Reviewed Questions from ch 3.  Were assigned to read ch 4 ( Ch 4 ) and answer the questions from ch 4 ( 4.1 God’s Word and World ).   Also Viewed the PPT on Ch 4 (4.1 God’s Word and His World ).

    Foods 9: Canned Prune Plums

    Math 12: Checked homework on ch 3.  Covered Lesson 4.  Assigned all homework questions for Lesson 4.


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    Tuesday Sept 9, 2014 

    Geography 12: Complete the question sheet using CVRD GIS, the UTM maps of Duncan and Google Earth Maps and

    Satellite view. Duncan Mapping Worksheet

    Chem 11: Notes on area and volume conversions in the metric system.  Do ques 1-4 p19, Also do q 4-8 p22

    Chem 12: PPT on Ch 1 .  Read p11-17.  Do ques 18-28 on p11-16

    Sci 9: Review PPT on WHMIS safety.  Read p 8-14.  Complete worksheet on safety. Sci 9 Review Sheet 1.1



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    Monday Sept 8 2014 

    Physics 11: Reviewed the Measurement and significant digits PPT.  Assigned Q 1-2, 5a-g on worksheet.1.2 Measuring and Significant Digits (PPT) Significant Digit Worksheet

    Physics 12: Checked homework for Lesson 1 and significant digits worksheet.  Assigned Lesson 2 and a quiz next time on significant digits.

    Bible 10-12: We took up the question sheets for book ch 1-2.1.1 God’s Word and World Questions With Answers  ,  2.1 Worldviews and Science Questions With Answers  Assigned a short quiz at the start of next class on these questions.  Assigned to read ch 3 and answer the ch 3 worksheet.  Ch 3 text for those not having a textbook–> Ch 3 , Question sheet for ch 3 –>  3.1 The Process of Science Ch 3

    Foods 9:  We Reviewed PPT on Kitchen Safety Kitchen Safety and PPT on Food Safety Food Safe and then we filled in the blanks of worksheet on Kitchen Safety Kitchen Safety and a worksheet on food safety Food Safe Considerations Handout .

    Math 12: We took up Lesson 3 in the Trig Section.  Assigned all the questions.

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    Lessons for Friday Sept 5 2014 

    Physics 11: No Assignment but work on PPT of What is Physics? which is due Sept 15.

    Physics 12: Complete Lesson 1 and worksheet on significant digits calculations.  Due Mon Sept 8.

    Bible 10-12: Completed the PPT on Ch 2.  Answer the questions on Ch 1 and ch 2.  Due Mon Sept 8.

    Foods 9: Reviewed how to use knives in cutting.  Completed a Greek salad as practice in cutting.

    Math 12: Took up Lesson 2 in Trigonometry.  Lessons 1 and 2 will be checked on Monday Sept 8.


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