Monday Sept 29, 2014

Physics 11: PPT on What is Physics? is due. Lab on Pendulum is due. We discussed some of the PPT on Waves. We started a lab on Wave Behaviour using slinkies. A mini test is scheduled for Wednesday Oct 8 on Metric Conversions, Significant Digits, Pendulum terms (displacement, period, frequency), and Laws of the Pendulum.
Physics 12: Assigned to complete lesson 6 for Wednesday. Assigned a quiz for Wednesday Oct 8 on lessons 1-8.
Bible 10-12: We took up the quiz on ch 3-4. We completed the PPT on Ch 5 , part 2. Students are assigned to complete the ch 5 question sheet ( ) for Wednesday.
Foods 9: Completed the PPT on Food Safety and reviewed the PPT on Kitchen Safety. Wrote quizzes for Food Safety and Kitchen Safety. Reviewed a PPT on breads in preparation for the Foccacia bread lab on Wednesday.
Math 12: Reviewed lessons 6-7. Discussed Lesson 8. Assigned lesson 8 problems.

5.2 Chapter 5 Questions