Thursday Sept 18, 2014

Geography 12: Worked on Exerecises with Aerial Photos and UTM maps.
Chemistry 11: Took up the Metric Conversions Quiz. Reviewed the PPT on Direct Relations .0.2 A Look at Direct Relations Discussed the PPT on Classification of Matter .2.1 Classification of Matter . Assigned p25-34 in the Heath Text. Assigned ques. 1-13 on p35 in the Text, due on Sept 30.
Chemistry 12: Took a Quiz on Kinetics 1. Assigned pages 24-26 and questions 41-53 due on Sept 30.
Science 9: Took up the Review Sheet 1.2 in class .Sci 9 Review Worksheet 1.2 With Answers . Discussed the PPT on Models of the Atom . Started working on the REview Worksheet 1.3 .Sci 9 Review Worksheet 1.31.3 Models of the Atom. Completed a lab to prepare hydrogen gas and notice its properties .Preparation and properties of hydrogen Lab.