Tuesday Sept. 16, 2014

Geography 12:  Reviewed DCS library materials related to the history of the Cowichan Valley Region.  Assigned the brochure project to be due on Oct 3.  Discussed the PPT on Introduction to Geography 1.2 Geography 12 Unit 1  .   Will take a trip to the Cowichan Museum on Thursday during period 2.  Students attending the Field trip will need to have their parents sign a permission form.

Chem 11:  Wrote a quiz.  Reviewed how to write up the density of water and alcohol lab.  Lab report is due by Thursday Sept 18 or Friday Sept 19 if the student is NOT leaving for the West Coast Trail hike on Friday .

Chem 12 : Reviewed p 13-24 in the textbook.  Assigned Questions 29-40, p19-24.   Assigned a quiz on p1-16 in the textbook.

Science 9: Returned review questions on worksheet 1.1.   Completed the PPT on ch 1.2 Sci 9 Review Worksheet 1.2 .  Assigned question sheet 1.2 to be due Sept 18.  Watched u-tube videos on the electrolysis of water and the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to form water.