Monday Sept 15. 2014

Physics 11: Did a quiz on Significant digits and Metric Conversions.  Then designed a lab for the laws of the pendulum.  Continue this lab and complete it next time.

Physics 12: Did lab on relation between stopping distance and velocity.  Experienced difficulty in getting a velocity reading from the Lab Quest so had the instructor do trials for stopping distance and velocity with his auto.  Assigned to complete Lesson 5 in the Physics workbook for after the Mission trip on Sept 29.  Assigned to complete a formal lab report on the relation between stopping distance and vehicle velocity before Sept 19, 2014.

Bible 10-12: Reviewed ch 4 questions  4.1 God’s Word and World With Answers .  Discussed the PPT on ch 5 5.1 Reading the Bible About Origins Part 1  .  Assigned a quiz for Wednesday Sept 17 on ch 3 and 4 .  See ch 4 and ch 3 answers to questions 3.1 The Process of Science Ch 3 With Answers  .

Foods 9: Made Fruit Leathers illustrating the food preservation principle of food drying 4.0 Fruit Leather Recipes  .

Math 12:  Reviewed Lessons 6 and 7.  Lesson 6 is due Sept 17 while lesson 7 is due Sept 29 after the Mission Trip.  Assigned a quiz on ch 1-5 for Wednesdays Sept 17.