Thursday Sept 11, 2014

Geography 12: Worked on Completing the map exercise using UTM maps of the Duncan area.  The mapping worksheet is due Tuesday Sept 16.

Chem 11: Reviewed the worksheets on significant digits and the metric system. Did a lab on finding the density of water and ethyl alcohol (LAB 1c p 13.  Were assigned a quiz on significant digits and the metric system for Tuesday Sept 16.  Will be shown how to write a lab report on Tuesday Sept 16 for the lab done today.

Chem 12: Did a lab on the reaction rate of alka-seltzer tablets at 0, 10, 20, 30 degrees celsius.  Given a Lab Format Alka Seltzer Lab .  Also given a rubric for completing the lab Rubric for Alka-Seltzer Lab  .

Sci 9: Took up the safety Questions Sci 9 Review Sheet 1.1 With Answers .  Began a PPT on Investigating Matter  1.2 Investigating Matter .  Started working on the Review worksheet for Investigating Matter  Sci 9 Review Worksheet 1.2  .  Did the lab activity 1-2A, Bag of Change, on p 17.  Students were assigned to write a paragraph about what they observed, whether the changes were physical or chemical, and the reasons for saying that the changes were physical or chemical.  This paragraph is due on Monday Sept 15.