Friday Sept 12, 2014

Physics 11: We reviewed your worksheets on the metric system and significant digits.  A quiz on these will be given on Monday Sept 15.  After discussing the PPT on doing an experiment  0.11 Designing and Conducting an Experiment  , students went into lab to design and complete a series of experiments to test the effects of displacement, pendulum length and bob weight on the the period of the pendulum.  Students will continue this lab on Monday Sept 15.

Physics 12: Students received their marked quizzes and informed that they can opt to do a requiz should they desire to.  Students were assigned lesson 4 in their workbooks.  Students were asked to bring a bicycle (just one needed between the three students) to school to do a lab.  The lab will investigate the relation between the speed of a bicycle and the stopping distance required.  Students will use a vernier LabQuest to determine velocity and will measure the stopping distance with a metre tape.  The results will be tabulated and graphed with conclusions.  The lab and rubric for write-up will be presented on Monday Sept 15.

Bible 10-12: The first quiz on ch 1-2 was handed back and taken up Quiz on Ch 1-2 With Answers  .  Students were assigned to complete ch 4 questions,  4.1 God’s Word and World , for Monday Sept 15 .  Students were led in a discussion of the PPT on Ch 4  4.1 God’s Word and His World   .   Chapter 5 copy –> ch 5 .  Assigned  Questions on Chapter 5 to be due on Sept 17. 5.2 Chapter 5 Questions

Foods 9:  We made plum chutney conserve and canned it.

Math 12:  We took up student questions on ch 4, did a discussion of Lesson 5 and were assigned all the questions of lesson 5.  Students can expect a quiz on Trig lessons 1-5 on Wednesday Sept 15 after we have taken up any student questions on ch 5 on Monday.