Monday Sept 8 2014

Physics 11: Reviewed the Measurement and significant digits PPT.  Assigned Q 1-2, 5a-g on worksheet.1.2 Measuring and Significant Digits (PPT) Significant Digit Worksheet

Physics 12: Checked homework for Lesson 1 and significant digits worksheet.  Assigned Lesson 2 and a quiz next time on significant digits.

Bible 10-12: We took up the question sheets for book ch 1-2.1.1 God’s Word and World Questions With Answers  ,  2.1 Worldviews and Science Questions With Answers  Assigned a short quiz at the start of next class on these questions.  Assigned to read ch 3 and answer the ch 3 worksheet.  Ch 3 text for those not having a textbook–> Ch 3 , Question sheet for ch 3 –>  3.1 The Process of Science Ch 3

Foods 9:  We Reviewed PPT on Kitchen Safety Kitchen Safety and PPT on Food Safety Food Safe and then we filled in the blanks of worksheet on Kitchen Safety Kitchen Safety and a worksheet on food safety Food Safe Considerations Handout .

Math 12: We took up Lesson 3 in the Trig Section.  Assigned all the questions.